Frequently Asked Questions

How do you rent a boat? How long can I rent it for? Here you will find all the answers
to the most frequently asked questions about our business.

01 How can I rent a boat?

It’s very simple, just click on the REQUEST A QUOTE button and fill in the request with your details. We will contact you as soon as possible to give you more information on the rental and to finalize the booking.

02 Who can rent a boat?

Anyone can rent one of our boats, take part in a sailing holiday or a regatta! It is not necessary to already have experience or have already gone on a sailing boat, on the contrary, our skippers are excellent sailing instructors! If you want to rent a boat with your family or friends you can do it freely and we will automatically assign you one of our skippers. If you or your friends already have a boat license, you can easily rent one of our boats even without a skipper.

03 What does the cost of a trip or a race include?

The booking of a sailing holiday or a regatta includes the cost of renting the boat, the skipper and travel insurance. The costs of galley (shopping), ports, diesel and all extras such as dinners and lunches ashore are excluded.

04 How long can I rent the boat for?

You can rent a boat for a weekend or even for several days. We offer a tailor-made service for our customers. Depending on your needs and the availability of our boats and our skippers we will try to meet you.

05 How can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer and with PayPal. Payment will take place after the booking is confirmed by our email.

06 What should I pack for my sailing trip?

On the boat, especially in summer, people are almost always in costume. For this reason, we recommend that you bring a few clothes, possibly light and comfortable, some sweater or sweatshirt for the evening and a kway or wax. Such as flip flops and white soled shoes (like sneakers) Lots of sun cream, sunglasses and / or hat, beach towel and (if you don’t want to pollute) even the marine shampoo shower! You can find it on Amazon or in sports stores. If you want to learn how to lower the sails and have some fun on the boat, we also recommend a pair of sailing gloves. Finally, on all our boats there are USB sockets available for everyone to charge phones and electronic equipment. To carry everything better a large backpack or a comfortable bag. No to the usual airplane trolleys! On the boat you will have comfortable lockers to dispose of your things.

07 Should I bring linen and towels?

Absolutely not! All our boats are equipped with special sheets for the cabins and a set of towels for the entire crew.