About Us

We are Aere – Latin word for “Air” – not by chance. In fact, our boats are classy, comfortable, and above all as fast as wind. Almost as much as the wind.

We are a charter company for relaxing experiences and races. The company was founded in 2016, but we’ve been involving people in sailing and sporty holidays since 2006.

Our value lies in the quality of our skippers, able to mentor and pass on to their crew high level sailing techniques, with deep passion and competence. Our crew involves and share the passion also to rookies sailors, adjusting the content and the involvements in the operations to maximize the value of the experience.

Our Skippers

Marco F.

His slogan is “Always cannon” and Marco is like that, he always gives his best in everything he does. Ski instructor and diving instructor, Marco has hundreds of hours of navigation behind him, even alone. In a boat with him there is no boredom: the engine is always off and unforgettable sailing, even with the most unfortunate calm. Excellent cook and lover of good wine: what more could you want?

2016 FIV Yacht and Monotypes sailing instructor
2010 ISAF Survival at Sea Course
2008 Nautical patent – without any limits
2008 Radiotelephone Operator Limited Certificate (RTF)
2000 BLS-D Course

Massimiliano M.

Work entrepreneur, passionate skipper. The very nice Max is one of our most established skippers. A great sports fan, from climbing to ski mountaineering, up to his greatest love: the sailing boat. Max has a long experience at sea, for over 15 years he has been sailing all over the Mediterranean and beyond. And in order not to really miss anything, he is also a great lover of reading and an incredible cinephile.

2019 International radiotelephone operator certificate RYA – SRC (Short range certificate)
2018 FIV Yacht and Monotypes offshore sailing instructor
2010 CVC Instructor in Caprera
2008 Nautical license over 12 miles
OSR Offshore Special Regulations certified
BLS-D Course Certificate
Limited certificate of radiotelephone operator (RTF)

Riccardo G.

The world has no borders, but if it does, certainly not for our Richi. From the Northern Lights, to cycling through the Netherlands, Richi is always on the lookout for wild places to explore. Since 2012 he has been sailing the seas and has also participated in numerous regattas.
Together with him always the inevitable Reflex and his small but very fast drone, which never ceases to give us breathtaking shots.

2018 ISAF sea survival course
2018 Nautical license – without any limit
2012 Nautical license within 12 miles
2012 Limited certificate of radiotelephone operator (RTF)

Sami B.

Born in Cornwall, after twenty years of experience as a flight attendant in Dubai, Sami returned to Europe to live her great passion: sailing. Sami, she has been sailing since she was 6 and, in addition to being an excellent teacher, she is also a living encyclopedia of the sea! With great patience and availability, she always manages to transmit her navigation knowledge to the whole crew. Together with her, you can have English conversation with a real native speaker!

2020 RYA Yachtmaster
2020 Superyacht crew certified
2007 RYA Day Skipper
1998 RYA Competent Crew

Alexei B.

Directly from Moscow, here is one of our most international skippers! With over 40,000 nautical miles behind him, Alexei has literally traveled the world by boat, even participating in several regattas. Not only that, Alexei loves teaching so much and always manages to pass on his sailing techniques and strategies to the whole crew. Last but not least, on the boat with Alexei you can also practice English … and Russian!

IYT Yachtmaster Offshore Sail
RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Tidal